Got a query, e-mail or just give us a call on 01242 248884


How do I Order?

We are happy to accept orders by e-mail, fax, telephone, or online. All mounts on the website can be ordered Online but if you would prefer, just give us a call or send an e-mail and we can deal with your order that way. If ordering by e-mail, we can call back for card details, or send a PayPal Link to you by e-mail. You do not need a PayPal account to pay this way.

Is there a minimum Order?

There is a minimum order value of £20.00 before delivery and VAT, charged at the current rate Minimum spend £33.00).

I am based in Europe, can I order from Cotswold Mounts?

If you are based in Europe please see our Deliveries page

Can you supply customized mounts?

For any queries regarding customised mounts, call the office on 01242 248884 or click on Contact Us and send an e-mail with your enquiry. Minimum quantities will apply. We do not do one off mounts.

Can I visit your showroom?

We regret that we are unable to see customers personally, as we are not a Retail outlet and do not have a trade counter. However, we are happy for customers to visit "BY APPOINTMENT" only. Just call 01242 248884 or email

How do I Pay?

Payment can be made Online, by Credit or Debit card over the telephone and by Cheque. We now also offer the facility to make payment by PayPal Money Request by email. You do not need a PayPal account to pay this way.

Retention of Information?

No Information whatsoever is ever passed to third parties. All Debit and Credit Card details are destroyed after transactions are made.

Online Orders

When you make an online order, no card details are entered or stored on this system and when payment is ready to be taken you will be forwarded to a secure PayPal server to enter your details to make the purchase.

Please note: It is not necessary to open an account in order to make a purchase but doing so will enable us to send you any offers in future that we feel may be for interest. It also helps with future transactions.

What Mount Board do we use?

Our Mount board supplier is Daler Rowney. We offer 2 types of board, Cream Core and White Core board. Both are 1.4mm thick.

What is the difference between Cream and White Core?

The difference between Cream core board and White core board is the type of board used, which is exposed on the bevel edge of the mounts. This is where the aperture is cut. It does not refer to the colour of the board itself. Cream core board is off white/cream in colour. Over time, that core colour on the bevel edge discolours, due to exposure to sun light. Typically, this can take 5 to 15 years. White core board is white in colour. This does not discolour overtime and typically has a 300 year shelf life. This explains the price difference between the two products.

Do your mounts have bevel edges?

All the mounts that we offer come with bevel edges, except the Strut mounts and Photo Folder Mounts.

How do I Mount my Print to the Mount?

There are many ways of mounting. This is a quick and easy way, once done a few times.

Take your print and place it face down on a flat surface. Then place a piece of art masking tape (framers tape) along the top edge of the print so that it overlaps the top of the print, half on, half off. It should be the same width or slightly wider than your print. Then turn you print over and line up your mount. Once your mount is lined as you would wish and is square, press down and smooth out over the mount where the tape has been positioned. Only secure the print with the one piece of tape. This will allow the print to find its own lie and help stop any wrinkling.

Finally, to attach the mount to the backing board, place some double sided tape along the 2 long edges of your backing board (some people do 4 sides). This needs to be quite close to the edge of the backing board. Then place your mount over the backing board and when you are happy that the mount board and backing board are lined up and square push down and smooth out the mount.