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Slip Mounts

Slip Mounts

We now manufacture bevel cut, photo slip-in mounts, we have designed our range so that the mount drops in to a ready-made photo frame.

Our Bevel Cut Slip Mounts are ideal for Event Photography, Portraiture Photography and Reveal Walls as well as the very popular Folio Boxes.

The image sizes are to fit the photo image size and is not the exact measurement. The aperture of the slip mount is 10mm smaller than stated. This is to ensure the mount can grip the print. 

Quantities are the multiple numbers we require per size per colour. Our Slip Mounts are offered in both Cream Core and Conservation White Core Mount Board. Care should be taken when Slipping your photo into the mount. We cannot take responsibility for any damages.

Our Slip Mounts are not recommended for use in a retail environment unless additional sticking is applied to the print to ensure that the print does not move within the mount. See Our video on the Homepage!