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Double Imperial(inch) Sizes

Double Imperial(inch) Sizes

Cream core photo mount boards are made from virgin wood pulp, which has a characteristic Pale Ivory colour. Each board is pH neutral and meets the Fine Art Guilds approval for standard mount board.

All double mounts use Pale Ivory as a top mount. Please choose the second accent Mount Colour you require before adding to your basket.

All aperture sizes (image sizes/holes) are cut 3mm smaller on each side, to accommodate the picture/print. For example. The 20”x16” mount, with an aperture of 16”x12” has an actual aperture size of 15.75”x11.75”.

Backing Boards and Bags need to be ordered separately.

Please select a Frame size below: then select your aperture size, colour and quantity.


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Frame Sizes

Imperial (inches)


(incl. VAT: £2.94)


(incl. VAT: £2.32)


(incl. VAT: £2)


(incl. VAT: £1.66)


(incl. VAT: £1.56)


(incl. VAT: £1.5)


(incl. VAT: £1.27)



(incl. VAT: £0.84)



(incl. VAT: £0.84)



(incl. VAT: £0.72)



(incl. VAT: £0.6)



(incl. VAT: £0.48)



(incl. VAT: £0.48)

Paper Sizes



(incl. VAT: £1.56)