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Cream Core Mount Colours White Core Mount Colours
Cream Core Mount Colours

Cream Core Mount Colours

This page shows the current selection of colours that are available - all double mounts use Pale Ivory as a top mount.

Please note: Due to the variance in the set up of individual VDU's we cannot guarantee an exact colour match, and these examples are only to give an approximate idea of colours. Please ask for a sample if you are not sure.

Crimson, a Cream Core photo mount Crimson

Hussar Blue Image Hussar Blue
Russian Green Image Russian Green
Antique White Image Antique White (Light Cream)
Deep Cream Image Deep Cream
Polar White Ingres Image Polar White Ingres (Creamy/Off White)
Snow White Texture Image Snow White Texture (Creamy/Off White)
Snow White Image Snow White (Creamy/Off White)
Antique White Texture Image Antique White Texture (Light Cream)
Pompadour Image Pompadour
Poster Black Image Poster Black
Pale Ivory Image Pale Ivory (Creamy/Beige)
Coffee Image Coffee
Maize Image Maize
Pillar Box Red Image Pillar Box Red
Primrose Image Primrose
Sahara Image Sahara
Shadow Pink Image Shadow Pink
Terracotta Image Terracotta
Misty Grey Image Misty Grey
Metallic Gold Image Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver Image Metallic Silver
Delft Blue Image Delft Blue
Ice White Image Ice White (Brighter White)
Sepia Image Sepia
Willow Green Image Willow Green
Seal Image Seal
Tint 1 Image Tint 1 (Mid-White)
Dark Grey Image Dark Grey
Oxford Blue Ingres Image Oxford Blue Ingres
Soft Green Image Soft Green
Maroon Image Maroon
Twilight Blue Image Twilight Blue
Dawn Grey Image Dawn Grey